Yesterday, we received a shipment from Github with stickers, mugs, t-shirts, etc. It’s always nice to receive some merchandising to wear for our conferences! We are developers, we sometimes get stuck and I love the white boxes that Github uses to pack the mugs. So, I took a pen, wrote some sentences on them and done! What I called the “Developer Dice”!


The Developer Dice is thought for throwing it each time any developer in your team get stuck with a problem. It will show you the path.

Building it

1. Get a medium size box
2. Write on each side the sentences you want

Suggested sentences

Feel free to use your own sentences based on what your team needs.

1. Review the specification
When developers don’t have proper specifications, we complain, when we have them, we don’t read them. This is the same as reading user manuals, if you have to, you are not a real man. But from time to time, it’s nice to review the spec, use cases, etc. in order to guarantee that you are not missing anything. One step backwards to see the forest, not the tree.

2. Check with the stakeholder
Maybe you are doing it right and there is something wrong with the user story, product definition, etc. so stand up and visit the stakeholder, phone him, etc. share what it’s not gearing with him and together you’ll see the light.

3. Write a UnitTest
If you are developing, you should be writing unit tests. Because TDD forces you to play with coupling/decoupling and SOLID concepts, you can jump to a and come back.

4. Ask for a code review
4 eyes can see more than 2! Invite a mate to check your code and listen his opinion. Open your mind and your ears, any comment is welcome.

5. Document in the Wiki
Saying that a User Story is done, means coded, unit tested and documented. So, if you get stuck, create that wiki page to explain the technical approach to your mates or what configurations your feature has and how to use them to have a mental break.

6. Take a break
Of course! From time to time, you need to rest. If you don’t see the solution, just stand up, walk around, make a cup coffee and then come back. You will see how evertyhing is clearer. But, don’t roll the dice n times so you get this side, don’t trick!

If you build your own Developer dice, please send us a picture to or comment with a link to your picture!


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